Glen French is an artist living in Auckland, New Zealand.

You can email me – here.

I have been creating works of art since the age of seventeen, originating from Christchurch and studying at Canterbury School of Fine Arts during the 1970’s. Beginning with colourful abstracts (oil on canvas) I then moved into sculpture using brass, wood, papier-mâché and natural objects such as pebbles, bark, twigs, and found objects. This expanded to designing and creating rings and bracelets from silver.

Since late 2015 ‘stick’ type figures based on the ubiquitous number 8 wire have been created. In 2016 I began re-cycling old used plastic bottles and exploring LED possibilities. They have combined in the current painting with light series.

2019 is the year of casting models in bronze, resins and high density gypsum as well as exploring found metal objects.